This is My little Note book,
where my mind wanders
like a little brook.
This is where I type in little things,
and give them little wings.

Words from many a season,
with or without any reason.
This is where I try my best
to put chaos in my head,
to a little rest.

Order and Chaos,
are Yan and Yin.
I am Vibhu Narayan Deo,
and I am a rookie,
at everything.

IIT KGP students celebrate world’s first green Dussehra by replacing crackers with cannabis in Ravana effigy

A Limca Book of World Records committee declared this evening that a group of IIT KGP students have successfully built and lighted world’s first green Ravana effigy. The ten feet tall structures made up of roots, stalks and leaves of cannabis left the spectators spellbound during the “Ravana Dahan” ceremony. The entire produce of cannabis was homegrown with cow dung fertilizers under the strict supervision of Amma.

“We had studied in EVS how important it is to safeguard our environment.” said Madira Singh, one of the members of the record-setting team. “Crackers are pitiful sources of air and noise pollution. Our venture tackles both with finesse. Cannabis is an ancient herb that relieves mind and is good for overall mental health. Its fumes are enchanting, as often experienced at Varanasi ghats and Kedarnath Temples.”

“It took us two days to build the entire model, and another one week to stuff it despite the fact that we were high on labor.” said Baba Jyoti, a third-year student teammate, who processed the requisite cannabis himself. “It’s worth the effort when it’s a joint effort.” The team decided to keep the height till ten feets because they didn’t have enough paper to roll. The backbone of the figure was supported by small clay vessels called chillam so as to contain the ashes immediately. “All we want a delightful experience, and no harm to to the environment and society.” said Ganjan Pandey, a second-year student who was also the design coordinator of the team.

The effigy was lit on the Pepsi road, and several institute students were present to enjoy the event. “We are here to see the victory of good over evil, that’s it!” said a bystander. The crowd was enchanted, as the twenty kilos, ten-foot tall paper rolled Ravana burnt to ashes. A soothing reggae music in the background further elevated the mood of the evening.

Kharagpur sees least spam post count yet: Facebook share prices dwindle, incurs losses

The last week has been among the most difficult ones for Facebook in its decade-long history; the recent predictions issued by a Goldman Sachs led team predicted an abysmal growth, if not more drops in the profits. The founder and CEO, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg has heavily expressed his disdain on the matter, for he believes the onus of the continued failures lie with the team; he fired the trending team last month for the same reason. Mr. Zuckerberg also recently visited the Pope in this regard, to seek moral and spiritual support in hard times like such.


Analysts have unanimously concluded that the abrupt fall in the spam post toll – in and around the Kharagpur region – has been the root cause of the disaster. “We saw tremendous traffic during the Gymkhana elections. We were hoping for the trend to continue.” said the Facebook COO Ms. Sheryl Sandberg. “The hashtag #XYZforVP had surpassed media moguls like the Kardashians and the Royal family by double the number of mentions. We had put a lot of our company’s gray matter to understand the cause and find the means to keep the trend going.”

Mr. Zuckerberg had high hopes – perhaps too high – from the KTJ, SF and E-Cell teams. “We understand that Society publicity posts would dominate the first two weeks of August, but we didn’t know there won’t be any new trend until the mid sems[sic]” Zuckerberg told. “There were many trends actually, but only evanescent ones. We can generate only a handful of traffic from profile picture likes. The movie poster trend was a one off, since a person could upload only one poster even after getting tagged by multiple people. All these trends have been regressive in nature.”

But Mr. Zuckerberg, like all great men, has not abandoned hope. He will be taking more interns from the campus for coming summer and perhaps might as well be part of one the fests in near future, to promote and empower “subtle human communication”, as he himself says.

IIT KGP to get flyovers only for cycles to curb cycle lane accidents

In the wake of increasing cycle accidents on the one-way cycle lanes within campus, the Civil Engineering Department of IIT Kharagpur has proposed an innovative solution; a team of proficient civil engineers from the department will implement the layout prepared by third-year students of the Architecture and Regional Planning Department to build flyovers and highways over the current cycle lanes which are spread across the campus. Continue reading “IIT KGP to get flyovers only for cycles to curb cycle lane accidents”

IIT KGP Geology Department correctly predicted the earthquake just by observing the tilted sign board

Latest finding touted as “the most incredible discovery of the century.”; probable Nobel Prize in the following year.

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 on Richter Scale hit the Central Myanmar earlier today, as reported by the US Geological Survey. Researchers at IIT KGP Geology Department were able to predict the quakes accurately about 48 hours before the event.

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IIT KGP startup to provide bunkers, safe houses to single boys on Raksha Bandhan

The IITian’s brainchild is expected to revolutionize the Rakhi forever.

When an abhorrent sex ratio and a horrendous academic load is not enough, the Indian tradition does the needful to traumatize the single male youth, be the case of any engineering college in the country: have an official day to declare single men as brothers. Millions, if not gazillions, get afflicted by the mental trauma of getting bro-zoned (which means “slave of the mind’s torture” in Latin) every day in the Indian subcontinent. The epidemic reaches its peak, annually, on the (im)pious day of Raksha Bandhan. Lack of awareness of the bro-zone phenomenon among the youth only adds to the problem. But, as it appears, the darkest days of singles’ will see the sunshine, thanks to the startup Brozilla.

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Commentary: Balthazar’s Marvellous Afternoon

Balthazar’s Marvellous Afternoon is a short story by G. G. Marquez, published in 1951. Short stories, like any other literary genre, try to convey a particular message to the reader while being probably the most tedious ones to do so. It is Marquez’s genius that we can draw several conclusions about the protagonist and revel the uncomprehending simplicity of his masterpiece. It is, quite beautifully, bestowed onto us to decide the character’s virtue.
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Christopher Nolan and Wes Ball unite to shoot Maze Runner 3 at S.N. Hall in IIT Kharagpur

On 18th March, when the magnanimous Christopher Nolan and Wes Ball, the director of the off-the-charts The Maze Runner, stepped into the SN Hall for Hall Day, they were not at all impressed.”I had no idea what looked like an obsolete piece of unstimulating architecture would move me so much in just a matter of fifteen minutes.” said Nolan after spending nearly two hours within the hall premises. “Give me a Red Bull!” gasped Ball the moment he had found his way out of the corridor.

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